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Do you charge interest or points with your Program?

No, we do not: That is because the funding we provide is in the form of a Joint Venture Agreement (equity), not a loan (debt) to the REI Pro. We are ownership partners with the REI Pro up until the acquisition escrow closes. The Joint Venture Agreement, combined with a (Wyoming LLC) legal entity we normally employ, assures all parties that the project meets all legal requirements.


What is the minimum size deal you will allow for your DP Assistance Program?

There must be a minimum of $20,000 net profit in the project for CTF.


What type of background and experience is required of the REI Pro?

They must have previously and successfully completed three real estate deals. For those who have NOT successfully finished three deals on their own (or with a mentor), we strongly suggest that they partner up with a mentor (who HAS the prerequisite experience…three or more completed deals). They can, for example, form a joint venture partnership where both parties benefit from the involvement of the other.


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Our team is owned and operated by the company, Creative Transaction Funding LLC formed in the state of Wyoming, and created expressly for the purpose of assisting real estate professionals across the nation with their real estate investment funding needs.  The members of this team have been investing in and dealing with real estate for many decades. We understand real estate, and we understand the needs and concerns of real estate investors.

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