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About Creative Transaction Funding LLC

Our team is owned and operated by the company, Creative Transaction Funding LLC formed in the state of Wyoming, and created expressly for the purpose of assisting real estate professionals across the nation with their real estate investment funding needs.  The members of this team have been investing in and dealing with real estate for many decades. We understand real estate, and we understand the needs and concerns of real estate investors.

Why We Do What We Do

Many of us have been landlords, rehabbers and wholesalers, as well as providing funding to real estate investors in the past, and we understand the challenges that investors must overcome in order to turn an investment into a handsome profit.

One of the real estate investor’s most vital tasks is coming in with the needed funds to make deals happen. Many profitable projects are lost every year due to lack of critical capital.

Coming up with investment funds is our specialty. We’ve given it the importance it deserves. We now strive to make it as easy and affordable as possible for our investors to access the capital they need for each investment project.

Refer to the PDFs within this website to learn how it works.  Our team is here to help you with rapid and reliable funding, so as to help you to facilitate fast, smooth closings—enabling you to expand your real estate business and profits.

Consider utilizing our services when you are in need of funds for real estate investments. And, to be your source for unlimited funds so that opportunities, as well as your company’s success and growth, are never compromised.

Looking forward to meeting you, and helping you grow your business.

Tod Snodgrass

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